Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Moment in Time

December 13, 2006
1:43 pm

Life is about moments they say. Exactly who 'they' are, are people I've never come to known.

At this moment I'm sitting in the med sci library looking at people go about studying. I probably should be as well. It's an important exam. I know that. I just feel out of place. As though I shouldn't be here. I know that I want to be a doctor. I think.

Countless people have told me that I will be good at it.But medicine isn't something you should ONLY be good at. It should be something you genuinely have a passion for. I never bargained to be around so many motivated and driven people. Socrates and Aristotle would be mortified to see the herd ingesting what they are told, regurgitating it, in exactly the same way that they swallowed it. No intermission for questioning.

It's quite laudable that there is such diligence and committment, especially from people who will have others' lives in their hands. But they are so immersed in a little world. Calmly taking breaks going to Rituals to buy their $22 chillers so they can be seen to part of an imaginary elitest establishment. They forget there's a bigger picture. A real world where people struggle to survive on a daily basis and where the rivers and seas dont run rich with milk and honey. They stand at the top of Everest already, not knowing the travails of those who actually had to climb the slopes, some rocky, most slippery.

I'm no expert, far from. I have had many experiences with different people in the quagmire of life. I have experienced some of the best and the worst. But I am thankful for all, since the litany of debris that I have collected along the way has made me a better, stronger person.

For all the bad that may have come and is yet to come, I am contented with my life. I am not ecstatic about most things, but introspectively, I am happy that I have reached this moment. Things could have been better, much better, yes. But then they wouldn't have been as interesting.

The point of life is not to become a doctor or to be a millionarie or to be president. It is simply to be happy. To achieve a sense of purpose and contentment without obstucting others from a similar bourn.

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