Friday, February 16, 2007

Return to Innocence

Created: November 07, 2006

That's not the beginning of the end, That's the return to yourself

Live as though you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever-Ghandi

This is the epitomy of life. Making the most of what you have and preparing best for the future. Striking the balance between both can be more difficult than walking the tightrope at the Suarez Circus. In the past week, this has been no truer.

It brings us back to the eternal questions: What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of living?

Don't be afraid to be weak, Don't be too proud to be strong

Too often today we see life being treated with such scant regard. We've already violently lost over 300 of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters this year. It is as though we have become immune to death now. We keep tolerating higher and higher levels of murder without demanding that the carnage be stopped. And when demands are made, too often the response is little more than a mere dismissal that crime really isn't as bad as it seems. Slowly, but surely, we're descending into anarchy. We saw what happened in the communities when Shazard Mohammed and now Kevin Valley were killed.

If you want, then start to laugh, If you must, then start to cry

Sweet, sweet T&T, what is happening to my country? When will we learn? When can we live again? When will our mothers, from Laventille to Cedros, stop weeping?

Since I started Year Three, it seems as though every lecturer has decided that I'm the most 'pickable' person in the group. Never, though, would I have thought that profound words would have echoed, intentional or not, from the lips of my Hematology professor, even while he tried his best to single me out for questions.

Be yourself don't hide, Just believe in destiny

While discussing the rates of infection in transfused blood, he noted that the contraction of HIV was 1 infection in 250,000 to 1 million transfusions. He then pensively added:

'While one in a million sounds like a miniscule amount, it is astronomical if you happen to be that one'

It's a variation of the old saying: I will consider nothing, unless it pertains to me

We have lost our sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. I am guilty as well of not being my brother's or sister's keeper. As we go about living, we don't stop to think much of others.

I've often looked at a vagrant or prostitute or a street child or drug addict and wondered of their story. What concoction of circumstance and choice has engineered their current situation?

Why aren't we paying more attention to helping them in our time of plenty? Do they want to be helped? Are they, despite the despise and cruelty inflicted on them by us, the seemingly educated and well off in society, happier than we are, with all our material wealth and university degrees?

It is only when it hits home that we stand up and pay attention. It is only when our son from Westmoorings is kidnapped that we are outraged. It is only when our rights are threatened that we stand up and defend. It is only when we are threatened that we react with a varacity and belligerence belying the morals and high grounds that we have previously stood for.

Perhaps it is human nature. It is just an excuse, though.

Don't care what people say, Just follow your own way

I want to move on but I don't know if I do. I don't want to be hurt again. I've had too much to deal with. It's said that you're never given more than you can handle. I think I can't handle much more. I don't know how much more I can bear. The spirit is strong but the heart is weak. I don't think it can possibly shatter into many more pieces.

That's not the beginning of the end, That's the return to yourself

'You're on your own, get used to it.'

Perhaps it is indeed human nature to be cruel. I can't believe that this could be said from someone whom I once considered a friend.

Perhaps it is time to return to the innocence of childhood, whatever little that was left after it was snatched.It is the only way to start anew. It is human nature to survive, and survive I must.

Don't give up and use the chance, To return to innocence - Enigma

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